Cost of Bathroom Renovation
Written by Grant G

Cost of Bathroom Renovation

A lot of home owners are searching for the cost of bathroom renovation.  The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms in the home to renovate and as owners plan knowing the costs to get the job done helps plan, save, or take a loan to cover the costs.  This post will help you explore some of the potential costs to renovate your bathroom and averages for different projects.

Average Bathroom Renovation Costs

Depending on the scope of your bathroom renovation the cost could be as long as $2,000 dollars and all the way up to $20,000 dollars or more!  How much your renovation will cost depends on how much you want to change and your budget.  The size of the bathroom also has a big influence on the cost of bathroom renovation costs. Smaller bathroom renovations don’t cost as much as larger master bathroom renovations.

If you’re planning on replacing the most common items the national average for a bathroom renovation is about $10,000 dollars.

Small Bathroom Renovation Cost

Small bathrooms typically will not cost anywhere near as much as larger master bathroom renovations. There’s less flooring and it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to want to move plumbing, walls, or other bathroom elements.  The more items you add the more parts and labor it will take to get the job done.  So many home owners choose to do simple things like update countertops, install better lighting fixtures, and freshen up the room with new paint and decorations.

Small Bathroom Renovation Cost Factors

There are three main things that will cause your cost to remodel a small bathroom to sky rocket.  These are wanting to change the layout of the bathroom, fixing damaged electrical or plumbing, and wanting to have new fixtures or appliances.

Small Bathroom Layout Changes

One of the fastest ways to increase the cost of a bathroom renovation is to want to move the toilet, sink, walls, shower or tub.  It will require more involved demolition phases, new materials, and a significantly high labor cost.

Fixing Electric & Plumbing

Unfortunately a reality of renovating a bathroom is finding unexpected plumbing leaks or needing to move wiring.  If you’re installing new lighting there’s a chance a line will need to be ran by a licensed electrician.  All of these factors will affect the cost of your small bathroom renovation.

Installing New Fixtures

If you are thinking about installing a new vanity, sink, countertop, shower, tub, or toilet it will increase the cost of your renovation.  If these items are damaged, worn, or outdated your should consider carefully their inclusion into your renovation budget.

Bathroom Renovation Cost Breakdown

Homeowners can benefit from knowing the cost of renovating or replacing certain items in their homes.  It helps prioritize the list of desired changes and budget responsibly.  Use this list of average bathroom item or project costs to plan for your renovation.

  • New Sink – $200 – $2,000
  • New Toilet – $400
  • New Shower – $500 – $3,750
  • New Bathtub – $450 – $3,250
  • New Cabinetry – $1,150 – $6,000
  • New Lighting – $150 – 1,500
  • New Countertop – $950 – $3,500


Bathroom Cabinet Renovation Services

A huge part of bathroom renovation is the cabinetry.  If the cabinets, cabinet doors, vanities, and other surfaces in your bathroom are worn, damaged, or simply outdated; Cabinets by Design can help you choose new bathroom cabinets, countertops, sinks, and other elements to refresh the look of your bathroom at your home in Phoenix.  Our team has decades of experience designing, fabricating, and installing the best for our valued customers.  We welcome you to call for a consultation appointment where we can show you the Cabinets by Design difference.

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