Custom Entertainment Center Advantages

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Posted on Nov 27, 2017

Custom Entertainment Center Advantages

If you’re shopping for a new entertainment center for your home, you might have heard of custom entertainment centers.  Custom entertainment center advantages include being build to spec for your home, equipment, and type of media you prefer.  In addition they are great for hiding the wiring and matching the rest of the style and color options of your home.

Today’s homeowners are better educated than ever before and its natural to want to know the reasons so many other homeowners are investing in custom entertainment centers.

Tailored To Fit Your Home

The space you want your entertainment center in might be narrow, wide, or a unique shape.  When you have a custom entertainment center made, it is made for your home.  The size, shape, and design of the entertainment center is designs to fit the space you want to have your TV, receivers, and other media.

You likely also have other wood or style elements in the space you’re considering an entertainment center.  If you’ve got cherry or oak baseboards you’ll want your entertainment center to match.  It’s best to create a perfect match when installing a centerpiece like an entertainment center so it fits in with the existing woodwork in your home.

Tailored To Fit Your Equipment

Everyone’s got a different sized TV and a new entertainment center should be designed to fit your existing equipment.  While you might want a little room to grow and get a bigger set its disastrous to get the measurements wrong buying a entertainment center from a big box retailer only to fit it doesn’t work.  When you get a custom entertainment center you can specify how much room you want and completely avoid this kind of problem.  You can also state how many shelves, where wiring holes should be, and if there needs to be ventilation.

Organize Media & Wiring

A custom entertainment center can help you stay organized and keep your blueray, DVD, and other media safely stored.  You’ll be able to say just how many shelves you want for your books and discs along with display nooks for your vases and other valuables. 

Wiring can be a mess if you have a variety of different devices all working together to bring you an exceptional entertainment experience.  When you order a custom entertainment center you’ll be able to have wiring holes open from shelf to shelf and side to side.  This hides the wiring and keeps your home looking less cluttered.

Hidden Entertainment & Lighting

Many homeowners and interior designers love elements that hide the TV and speakers.  Motorized TV mounts that allow you to reveal the TV with a simple flip of a switch make it so you’ve got a welcoming and refined social space.  With the TV hidden away you can entertain gatherings and enjoy quality time with loved ones.  When it’s time for a movie you simply flip the switch and you’re ready for popcorn. 

With some of the nooks being used for displaying your possessions you can choose to have lighting put into your entertainment center.  This makes it so your entertainment center is complete custom to your home, and what is important to you!

Increases Property Value

Custom entertainment centers are many times the centerpiece of the living spaces.  They are a gathering place for families, friends, and other social events.  Whether it’s the big game or movie night having a custom entertainment center adds incredible value to your home.  You’ll enjoy the look, function, and convenience as long as you own your home.  If it comes to selling your home a custom entertainment center usually adds huge appeal and increases the value in a resell market as well.

Phoenix Valley Custom Entertainment Centers

If you’re interested in having a custom entertainment center installed in your home in the Phoenix Valley, we can help!  Our team of entertainment center and cabinetry experts design, fabricate, and install the highest quality entertainment centers in the business.  We will create a beautiful installation which adds style and value to any property.  For more information about getting a custom entertainment center or to ask questions, please give us a call at 602-265-6044.

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