Custom Made Entertainment Centers
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Custom Made Entertainment Centers

A custom made entertainment center can change the way you watch television or spend your free time. The design options will be in your hands, and the installation of a built-in entertainment center is surprisingly affordable! Keep reading for entertainment center ideas and costs.

Built-In Entertainment Center

With a custom built-in entertainment center, the design options are endless! Video and audio quality is generally the first thing on the minds of homeowners looking to upgrade their entertainment settings. For many, the television is the focus of the entertainment center, with the surrounding area complimenting the screen(s). Do you want the television mounted or at eye-level? Perhaps you’d like to hide the screen during the day or other times when you aren’t consuming some of your favorite shows or movies. Sliding shelves and/or cabinets are great for hiding any excess gaming systems or cords.

The home theater look has become more and more popular throghout the U.S. Entertainment center professionals can accomodate your every need with a home theater. Surround-sound speakers will maximize audio quality, while installation of the television can be set up to please everyone filling the room.

If you aren’t planning to focus the entertainment center around the television, there are many other custom-made options that could suit your needs best. Artwork can be an area of focus for many homeowners. Filling the room up with an art collection can give your home a truly unique look. A fireplace in the center of the room is another highly popular option nowadays. Give your home more of an aesthetically-pleasing look and feel by adding a fireplace during installation.

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Entertainment Center Costs

Custom Entertainment Center Cost

  • Lowest entertainment center cost: $3,500.
  • Average entertainment center cost: $5,250.
  • Highest entertainment center cost: $7,000.

According to HowMuch, a built-in entertainment center costs $4,470 to install in the U.S., including labor costs. Average costs will range from $3,380 to $5,560, depending on the size of the unit, materials used and price of labor.

Fixr, however, says the installation of a built-in entertainment center can be more costly. In this estimate prices will range from $6,000 to $10,000 for an installation, with an average cost of $8,750. Of course, prices will vary widely depending on location and type of entertainment center purchased.

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Custom Entertainment Center Installation in Phoenix, AZ

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