Kitchen Countertops Prices
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Kitchen Countertops Prices

Kitchen countertops can cost between $1 to $190, per square foot. In terms of materials, ceramic generally cost the least, while specialty marble is one of the most expensive countertops, according to Homeavisor. Take a look below at a full list of countertop prices in the year 2021.

Countertop Prices

Countertops are priced based on quality and current popularity of the materials among homeowners. Before making any purchase, figure out type of countertop and how much space you need to fill in your kitchen. That will give you a rough estimate of what your costs will be. Then call a professional service for an installation quote. Always be mindful of how much maintenance you are willing to do over time with these countertops. If you wish to get a material that scratches or chips easily, are you willing to do the upkeep or would you rather do little to no maintenance?

All countertop pricing is done per square footage:


  • Average cost: $1-$15


  • Average cost: $8-$27


  • Average cost: $15-$140


  • Average cost: $50-$100


  • Average cost: $3-$28


  • Average cost: $20-$60


  • Average cost: $15-$75

Quartz Countertop Installation Phoenix


  • Average cost: $10-$70


  • Average cost: $15-$190


  • Average cost: $11-$35


  • Average cost: $50-$100

concrete countertops,custom Phoenix Kitchen Countertops & Cabinets


  • Average cost: $10-$135


  • Average cost: $13-$130

Stainless Steel

  • Average cost: $60-$100

Kitchen Countertop Installation Cost

In addition to the actual materials, countertops installations will cost between $10-$30, per square foot. Many countertop types will require a specialized and professional installation. Installing most countertop materials is not a DIY task. If you plan to do the installation yourself, though, the experts suggest that you be aware of a few things. First, check for gas, electrical or ventilation lines before beginning any project. Call a professional removal service whenever you wish to do dispose of old concrete, tile or granite countertops. Be careful handling any new countertops. You do not want to chip or damage the material before it gets installed.

Custom Countertops in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re looking for quality custom countertop installation for your home, business, or commercial property in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Queen Creek, AZ, Cabinets by Design has you covered with the most innovative styles available.  The ease of use, functionality, and visual elements of the custom kitchen cabinets we build are exceptional and completely customizable for you, our valued customer. To ask questions or get a project started please give us a call.

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