Kitchen Trends To Avoid In 2021
Written by Brian B

Kitchen Trends To Avoid In 2021

If you are looking for a new home or even shopping around for kitchen renovation ideas, make sure to avoid these trends in 2021!

Closed-Off Kitchen

Open floor plans are not only popular these days, the experts believe they are also here to stay. Sure, messy dishes and full tables are not the best sights in the world, but closing a room off no longer fits contemporary tastes. The suggestion here is to use flush mount cabinetry and smooth finishes that perfectly blend the kitchen into your living spaces. Avoid the separate room look altogether.

Mismatched Styles

If the kitchen doesn’t match the rest of the interior, it is pretty much a deal breaker, especially for prospective homebuyers. So, if your home is midcentury modern, refrain from giving your kitchen an older or flea market style look. While it may not have been the case three decades ago, nowadays you want the kitchen area to match the rest of the home.

DIY Cabinets And Backsplashes

Yes, DIY projects can be fun and cost effective, but we strongly suggest avoiding any kitchen DIY projects. This includes any kitchen project, from painting cabinets to backsplashes. The quality of the installation will generally give away the fact that you did this yourself. Painting cabinets will also be a very challenging task. Don’t attempt it!

Open Shelving

Real Estate Agents say open shelving in the kitchen is now a gamble. This look is definitely a trend in 2021, yet most believe it will simply become a fad with no staying power. Opt for more traditional shelving options instead.


There is nothing less appealing than a dark kitchen area. Whether it is dark wood or dark paint, this will create an unwelcoming environment – the exact opposite of what you want your kitchen to be. Only in a kitchen that sees a ton of light exposure can a bunch of dark paint actually look okay. Experts believe dark spaces are a detractor of value.

Granite Countertops

Once the gold standard of kitchen countertops, granite material is no longer in, according to the experts. Wood and concrete countertops have been linked to more home sales nowadays. Since granite countertops saw a massive spike in popularity in the early 2000s, this material now simply dates a home and a kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Services In Phoenix, AZ

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